Our story, Le Cale the idea


a taste of the real sardinia

Sardinia is an island overflowing with culture. To visit Sardinia is to take a journey through history and the discovery of ancient customs and traditions.
It is an island with a strong identity defined by its unique heritage, art and culture, and it shows its authenticity with pride.

The idea behind the B&B Le Cale came from the profound knowledge of and feelings for our land. At Le Cale we want to share the most hidden treasures of the island, while giving visibility to its wild and less populated areas of unpredictable landscapes and sensational scenery.


The b&b Le Cale has always been here in the heart of Eastern Sardinia- even when it was just early thoughts of the owners, Arnaldo and Gianni- thoughts that were to become a dream and then a true project.
The history of the b&b goes back to their youth when they grew up near one of the most renowned and loved sea destinations in Italy. They experienced that phenomenon typical of tourist sea destinations: quiet and almost lonely winters and frenetic summers with people coming from all over the world.
Changing seasons brought calm and then excitement- an emotional synergy that led them to the creation of a cosy and welcoming place, respectful of nature and its slow pace- a real example of sustainable tourism